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Developing your masking template

In this part of training we will add different kinds of masking functions. DATPROF Privacy is more of a masking framework than a library of 1000 masking functions. 

The different masking functions can be applied in the Development view of DATPROF Privacy. 

  • Now switch from the Project settings view to the Masking view to take a closer look. 

On the left side you will see all the imported tables per schema. You can easily search for specific tables in the search function above schema selector. Use the % sign as a wildcard. 

If you have imported more than one schema, you can select other schema's from the dropdown list. The tables of the selected schema are directly listed below the schema selector.

Below the Tables list, the translation tables are listed.  Currently this list is empty because there is no function created yet with a translation table. 

On the right side you have your selected table view. In this view you have different tabs to see the Columns and Foreign Keys of the selected table. In the Advanced settings some extra properties can be tweaked for specific database types. 

Down below you see the configured functions. Currently this list is empty because we didn't add any function yet. 

To filter out all tables that have one or more functions use the checkbox Hide tables without functions

To add masking functions select a table and one or more columns and click Add function or right click the selected columns and use the context menu to add a function. 

In the following chapters we will add different functions to the Gasware Database. 

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