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Creating Translation Tables (Shuffle)

Sometimes when you shuffle or randomly lookup data, you may need to the masked data also in another table or database. DATPROF Privacy offers the option to create a (temporary) translation table that contains the primary key, original value and masked value. This translation can than be used within other functions to create a consistent masked data set.

For each masking function that you configure you have the option to save a translation table. 


Translation tables contains privacy sensitive data, so make sure you remove them afterwards or store them in a save location!

In the Gasware Training database customer data is stored in the CUSTOMER and CUSTOMER_HISTORY table. We want to shuffle the last_names of the Civilians and save the translation for further use.

  • Select the CUSTOMER table (if not selected already)
  • Select the LAST_NAME and LAST_NAME_UPPER columns
  • Right click the selection column and click Add function → Shuffle...

The function editor will open and now we will configure the shuffle. First we will add the condition to this table. We placed a Scramble on all name columns for the military people, so we don't want those last name to be shuffled

  • Click the Condition tab
  • Enter the following condition text and test it.

where TYPE = 'Civilian'

  • Click the Translation table tab
  • Click the Save original values in translation table checkbox
  • For this training we will select the same schema as the user we are connecting with. (Normally you will use a separate secured schema for all translation tables)
  • Enter as table name TT_LASTNAMES
  • Click OK to add this function and close the function editor

Awesome, you've configured a masking function that will shuffle last_names and save the translation for further use. 

You see in the translation table list (below the Hide tables without function checkbox) a new translation table. If you select the translation table you can see the structure of it. The primary key, old and new value will be added to this table. We can use that in a later stadium to mask other last names consistently within the customer history table. 

If you got stuck in creating a translation table, take a look at the following video clip. 

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