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Change the birthday (Fixed Day in same Month/Year)

Someones date of birth, especially when combined with other data, is really privacy sensitive data and can be easily used to re-identify someone from 'anonymised' data set. That's why masking the date of birth is really important. Often the age of someone is also an important attribute which relates to functional and technical requirements. Just generating a random date is not always possible. When changing someones age, related data can become inconsistent. What we can do is change the dates to the first day of the same month of the same year. This makes re-identification much harder. To go even further you can even change the date of birth to the 1st of January of the same year. 

We will add the first day in month function to the Gasware Database

  • Select the CUSTOMER table (if not selected already)
  • Right click the DATE_OF_BIRTH column and click Add Function → Fixed Day in same Month/Year

The function editor will open. You have two options

  • Change the existing date to the first day of the same month and year
  • Change the existing date to the first of January of the same year

The first option(default) is good for now!

  • Click OK to add the function and close the function editor!

Awesome! You are getting there!

If you got stuck, just watch the short video clip of adding the First Day function, click play and make the video full screen for a better experience. 

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