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Remove all comments fields (Blank)

One of the safest data masking techniques is to complete remove all the data from a column. This will also cause that these values cannot be used for any development or test purposes. The Blank function will replace all the values of a column with null. When a column is mandatory the Blank function cannot be applied. Also Primary Key columns cannot be blanked. 

To add the Blank function follow the following steps

  • Select the CUSTOMERS_HISTORY table from the table list
  • Right click REL_COMMENTS column 
  • From the context menu choose Add function → Blank

The function editor will open and you have different options. For now we will only add a description for this function and leave the rest of options. 

  • Add as a description: Removes all comments from customer history
  • Click OK to add this function and close the function editor. 

Awesome! You've configured your first masking function. The function is added to the function list. You can double click or right click and choose Edit function... to open up the function editor again. 

If you're got stuck, you can also watch this short video to show you all about browsing the imported meta data! Make the video fullscreen to get a better view. 

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