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Create your first subset template

Now let's start building your first subset template. When you start DATPROF Subset for the first time it will ask you for a valid licence key. This licence key is provided together with connection details of the training environment. After entering a valid license key, you create a new project or open a recently opened projects. When creating a new project, you must choose a project name and a location on your hard disk where you want to save your template. A folder will be created with a <Projectname>.dsb file inside and two extra folders. The scripts folder will be used to save all additional scriptsThe deployment folder is used to save logging and audit reports of each subset run that you execute using DATPROF Subset. 

When you generate your subset template as a Runtime application another folder will appear called dpfgen. This folder will contain the generated Runtime application. 

Now lets create your first project!

  • Click "New project" to create your first subset template
  • Enter a project name
  • Use the default location to save template, with Browse... button you can change the location.
  • Click OK to create and save your subset project template

If you get stuck, you can also watch an short video clip how to create a new project. Make the video fullscreen to get a better view. 


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