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Schema mapping

Now that you have successfully imported meta data from your source connection, we have to determine which schema maps on which schema on your target database. When Subset will execute the template and tries to fill the tables in the target connection, it must know in which schema to look for certain tables. 

We've imported the tables from the PRODUCTION schema, but on the target connection all the tables are stored in the TEST_1 schema.

Let's map the schema to the right target schema.

  • Double click the empty target schema or click the Fetch target schemas button, to fetch the available target schema's 
  • Now select the TEST_1 as target schema
  • You will see the following mapping:
Imported source schemaTarget Schema

Great, now DATPROF Subset knows in which schema to look for the imported tables on the target database. 

If you are stuck, watch the following video clip to map the schema. Skip to 51 seconds for the schema mapping.

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