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What is DATPROF Subset?

Now that you are all set up, let's get an overview of DATPROF Subset!

DATPROF Subset is a database solution to easily extracts consistent subsets of data from complex databases. A subset is a consistent set of rows over multiple tables that belongs technical and functional to each other. Enterprise database can contain hundreds to thousands of tables with a lot of relations between. Extracting a consistent selection of data from such database can be really difficult. With the patented algorithm DATPROF Subset makes this a lot easier.

Within DATPROF Subset users create a subset template for a specific database. A subset template consists of the meta data of a database, the classification and the filters. This meta data is saved on your hard disk in a *.DSB file. This DSB file is stored in the XML format and can easily be version controlled with any version control system like GIT, SVN or CVS. 

Based on the imported meta data and the configuration DATPROF Subset can generate database specific SQL script that are executed directly within the database. An advanced bypass system will make sure that the subset process can be directly executed within the database itself by temporary bypassing all constraints, indexes and triggers. That means that DATPROF Subset can be used to subset terabytes of data without importing any data to the software itself. 

There are multiple ways of deploying your subset template to the database. During development you can execute the template directly from DATPROF Subset to the database. When your subset template is complete you can also generate a Runtime application. This application can be uploaded and installed in DATPROF Runtime. DATPROF Runtime is a web based server application which enables users to manage their test data from one central portal. Subset templates can be executed on different environments and can be fully automated using the Runtime API. This training will only focus on deploying the template directly from DATPROF Subset. 

Only the meta data is imported from the source database (most of the time a masked copy of production). The actual generated SQL scripts are directly executed against the target database. Specific database technology will transfer the data directly from the source database to the target database. If you want to learn more about the technology used to transfer of data between databases, please read the documentation.

Database support

Because DATPROF Subset is a database specific solution, not every database is directly supported. However most of the common databases, like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL are supported,  For a complete overview of all the supported databases, check the release notes of DATPROF Subset. 

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