DATPROF File Masking is a console application and comes in two flavors; a zip package for Windows and a tar.gz package for Linux. Before using the package needs to be unpacked. After unpacking the following directories are created:

  • bin - directory containing the executables/scripts
  • conf - directory containing (example) configuration file
  • lib - directory containing the library files necessary for the program
  • log - directory for log files
  • examples - directory containing configuration and input examples

Before starting File Masking JAVA 11 must be installed and and available in the Path (PATH on Linux) environment variable.

To start xPrivacy on Windows in a console, specify the path to the xprivacy.bat program. Example:

C:\xprivacy-1.0.0\bin\xprivacy.bat -h

To start File Masking on Linux in a console, specify the path to the xprivacy program. Example:

/home/privacyuser/xprivacy-1.0.0/bin/xprivacy -h