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VM Requirements

Because the configuration of a VM can be complex, DATPROF distributes a pre-existing VM which you can use as a starting template, with all the necessary settings already configured.

Should you want to configure your own, follow these specifications:

  • A virtual machine which can be connected to externally, running a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. On it, the following must at the very least be configured:

    • Docker, with SSL configured

    • OpenSSH, for configuring the connection to the VM from a client

    • BTRFS – a BTRFS file-system must be available.

Support disclaimer

Virtualize relies on a lot of underlying technologies (Virtual Machines, Docker, btrfs). Because of this, the usage of this tool can quickly become very complex, with multiple containers and interfaces producing logging. Because of this, the user is explicitly responsible for maintaining both the virtual machine and the underlying Docker containers/images, and our standard support does not cover this topic.

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