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Synchronize meta data

When you are developing a template, you will import meta data from database. After a while, your database may have changed. New tables could be added, tables could be changed, etc. Luckily you don't have to start all over after your database model has changed. DATPROF Subset offers an easy to use Synchronization Wizard, to import the changes from your database. If your changes contains new tables you have you add classify them from the unused classification, but in most of the time you can sync and run your template again. 

So how do you sync your template

  • Go to the Project settings
  • Click the Sync meta data button next to the Import meta data button
  • You can choose if you want to sync with the database or with a DME (txt) file. Select Using an ODBC connection
  • Your current connection is selected, press Next
  • The meta data is now compared with the database, first is an summery of the changes. 
  • Click Next to continue
  • For each change you can decide if you want to import them or not. Move the items to the right to sync them. 
  • Click Next to continue
  • In the final step, click Start to synchronize your meta data
  • After the synchronization, click Finish to close the Sync wizard

If you got stuck, just watch the following video:

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