Each subset run produces logging and after a successful run also HTML Audit report. You can find these within your project folder. 

  • Go to the location of your subset template (hint: the location of your template is shown in the title bar of DATPROF Subset)
  • Go to the deployments folder
  • Each deployment has its own time stamp, open the folder with the time of your run

Inside this folder you will find 3 of 4 files depended if the run was successful

  • Auditlog.html: This shareable HTML reports contains all functional and technical information of your subset run. It also contains the added descriptions and comments you have added inside your template
  • Deploymentlog.log: This is the main log file with all the different actions and errors
  • deployment.sec: This is encrypted debug logging with all the generated queries. The deployment.sec can be used to solve support questions.
  • RestoreDDL.sql: This SQL file contains all DDL scripts to add or enable the constraints, indexes and triggers. 

If you got stuck, just watch this short video clip