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Generate a Runtime application

When your subset template is completely finished, you may want to automate the execution of your template on multiple databases. DATPROF Runtime is a central Test Data Management portal in which you can automate, schedule and monitor the execution of test data templates like subset, masking and generating data. 

DATPROF Runtime is a web application that you install on premise on your server. You login with your browser and configure your different test data environments. Within those environments you can upload and install a generated template (Runtime application).

This training will not go into the Runtime details, but only will teach you how to generate a Runtime application. 

  • To generate a Runtime application click in the upper menu bar on Project→Generate for Runtime....
  • Click Generate to start the generation
  • After generation a new explorer window is opened and there you have a ZIP file containing all the logic that Runtime needs to execute the subset process!

In this short video clip you can also see how you can generate a Runtime application

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