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Auto classify your data model

In the previous chapter we've selected a start table and entered a start filter. Now we have to classify the rest of our data model! 

We can manually pick a classification for each table, but there is also another way.

By default all the tables will be imported in the Unused classification. A table in this classification will not affect your subset in any way. From here you can move them to the Empty, Full or Subset classification.

Under the Unused classification you have an option Suggest. This will open the suggest wizard which uses the start table in conjunction with unused tables to suggest a classification (Full or Subset). This will give you a good starting point to classify the rest of your data model. 

  • Click the Suggest button under the Unused classification
  • Click the Suggest button in the Suggest wizard to start classifying your data model automatically
  • Click the Apply button to accepts the suggested classification and close the wizard

Great! You'll see that most of the tables in the Gasware Database are application or master data. Often the suggest wizard will give you a good first classification for your first first run. But we will do that later on!

Want to see the above steps in action? Just watch the short video clip!

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