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Runtime applications are generated packages from DATPROF Subset, DATPROF Privacy or DATPROF Integrate that contains all logic to execute a certain process like Data Masking, Subsetting, Generation and custom processes that are built and generated with DATPROF Integrate.

The central Application repository makes it possible to upload in a central location the different applications that can be used in different environments. A single application can consists of multiple uploaded versions that can be shown by expanding the Application node by clicking on "All versions"

From this overview, you can also delete certain application versions. Applications that are currently installed in an environment cannot be deleted. Select one or more versions and click the "Delete selected" option to delete multiple versions at the same time. 

Upload a new application

When you want to upload a new application, you can click on "Upload application" and select the generated ZIP file. Then, press "open". A second method is to just drag-and-drop a generated ZIP file into the Application overview. This will bring you to the Upload application view. 

To actually upload and add the application to the repository, click on "Upload application"

If this version already exists in Runtime a warning will be generated. You can make a change in the version manually and click on "upload application" to proceed. 

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