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Installation instructions


 Before installing check the following items:

  • You must be logged in on the server as the user that will normally start Runtime. 
  • You need a writable folder to extract the Runtime zip file into. 
  • This will be the Runtime Installation Folder
  • You need an existing empty folder to store all the Runtime data.
    This will be henceforth referred to as the Runtime Data folder
    The Data Folder will contain all the data of the Projects, Environments and Applications together with the logs and the Service database. 



Runtime Installation Folderc:\Apps\Datprof\Runtime
Runtime Data folderc:\Data\RuntimeData


Runtime Installation Folder/usr/app/datprof/runtime
Runtime Data folder/home/dataprof/runtimeData

Extract the software

Extract the Runtime software in the Runtime Installation Folder.

This will create a sub-folder named runtime-<version>.

Example: c:\Apps\Datprof\runtime-3.17.0

Custom Network Port settings

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To change the default Network Port settings, before running Runtime for the first time, follow this instruction

  • Create the folder "conf" in the Runtime Data Folder
  • Copy the file <Runtime installation Folder>\ to <RuntimeDataFolder>\conf\

# ==========================
# Runtime service properties
# ==========================

# Port for the webservice:

# Database properties for the Runtime service database

# Communication end-points for Agents to connect to

# eof

To change:

  • Application server port number
    Edit server.port=<OWN_APP_PORT>
  • java message queue port number
    Edit: broker.jms.port=<OWN_JMS_PORT>
  • Stomp port number
    Edit: broker.stomp.port=<OWN_STOMP_PORT>
  • Database port number
    Edit: db.port=<OWN_DB_PORT>
    Edit: db.url=jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:<OWN_DB_PORT>/runtime

Start DATPROF Runtime

Now execute the Runtime startup script using the Datprof Runtime Data Folder as a required parameter

  • Windows: <Runtime Installation Folder>\runtimeStart.bat  <Runtime Data Folder>

  • Linux: <Runtime Installation Folder>/runtimeStart <Runtime Data Folder>



c:\Apps\Datprof\runtime-3.17.0\bin\runtimeStart.bat c:\Data\RuntimeData


/home/datprof/runtime-3.17.0/bin/runtimeStart /data/datprof/runtimeData

Datprof Runtime opens a window and once started the following message appears: "Runtime version <x.y.z> is ready: <IP-Adress>:<PortNumber>"


Point your browser to the IP-adress and portnumber listed : ie:  (On the local machine "localhost:7070" will do)

Login as user: admin, password: admin

Change the admin password as soon as possible using the Administration icon in the menu bar and select "Change Password" from the "Edit" dropdown menu.

The first time you login you will get a prompt telling you that the license has expired. To resolve this, enter the correct License key using the Administration → License

Now DATPROF Runtime is installed and operational.

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