DATPROF Runtime 

The latest version of this documentation is available at https://docs.datprof.com/runtime

  • Fixed a few minor Workflow user interface issues
  • Fixed format issues in API documentation
  • Fixed writing errors multiple times inside log file 

Introducing 'Workflow'
After months of development we are very excited to introduce our new Workflow module inside DATPROF Runtime.

Workflow is a powerful module-based automation tool that allows testers and developers to combine Runtime’s ability to provision test data with the option to execute proprietary software, use powerful PowerShell scripts, execute SQL scripts, send emails, alongside other modules.

Why use Workflow?
In the test data generation/subsetting/masking pipelines there are usually many processes that happen before or after test data is created. Think of an e-mail being sent out to testers notifying them that their environment is ready to be used, or the renaming and storage of audit files for later reference by a security officer. Workflow is intended to give you the tools to perform a multitude of tasks to further automate the workflow of administrators and testers alike.

Workflow comes with an easy the use drag and drop canvas style editor in which users can easily connect different kinds of modules and link them to each other. Many of the workflow modules have output properties that can be used directly in other modules.