DATPROF Runtime 

The latest version of this documentation is available at https://docs.datprof.com/runtime

  • Fixed issue with LDAP authentication
  • Fixed issues when using seedfiles for masking and generation
  • Fixed wrong icon and progress text on details of running run. 
  • Improved error handling when websockets connection could not be established
  • Fixed missing "oracleDescription" connection property 
  • Fixed issue where no error is shown when an agent fails to start
  • Added parser for SQL Server custom connection strings
  • Added extra JDBC properties for MySQL for improved performance


  • Fixed "Remember me next time" issue
  • Fixed issue saving LDAP config
  • Fixed issue with template processes not able to use velocity parameters
  • Upgraded Spring Dependencies to Spring Boot 2.5.12 and Spring Framework 5.3.18 
  • Fixed issue in which you could not delete an application
  • Fixed UI alignment issue


    • LDAP configuration can be configured using the webinterface
    • Faster retrieving of applications
    • API keys are now sorted alphabetically
    • Installations are now sorted alphabetically
    • Username and password are now seperated from Custom JDBC string

DATPROF Runtime 4

DATPROF Runtime 4 offers a complete renewed user interface with some great new features. Managing, executing and automating different Subset, Privacy, Generation applications for different database is easier than ever. This major release bring some changes to the license model. However, for existing customers with a valid Runtime license, this will be a free upgrade! Please contact your sales@datprof.com to find our more about the changes.

Single environment - Multi installations
One of most requested features was the ability to install multiple applications inside a single environment. For example if you have multiple Subset applications and also a Privacy application that you want to deploy on the same target database, you don't have to create multiple environments anymore. This greatly reduces the amount of environment that you have to manage

New dashboard
We've added a complete new dashboard view in which administrators and self service users can monitor environments that are executing applications. Also from this dashboard you have a new method to start a new run. Just pick the right environment, installed application and scenario you want to execute and click the Start run button. You will return to the dashboard to monitor this run.

In previous versions applications were uploaded under a Project and could only be installed inside an environment that was within the same project. In Runtime 4 applications are moved to a higher level central repository that can be used in all of the environments. Also the terminology of Project has changed to prevent some confusion. Projects are now called Groups and can be used to cluster your environments to find them more easily. Applications are now visually identifiable as a Subset, Privacy or Integrate application by using the icon throughout the Runtime 4 portal.

Improved installation
When installing an application you sometime have to change certain parameters like schema mapping or the database link. With Runtime 4 you can now directly change this during the installation instead of making it consistent after installing. Off course you still have the option to change this settings later on.

Dropped support for Internet Explorer 11
Unfortunately Runtime 4 offers no support for Internet Explorer anymore. The successor of Internet Explorer - Edge has been introduced in 2015 and has been actively developed. Most computers already have a modern secure browser installed, if not; install Edge, Chrome, Brave or Firefox.

Backward compatibility
Runtime 4 is completely backwards compatible with Runtime 3.x installations. Just upgrade like you have done before and make a backup of your Runtime Home data folder before upgrading. For information about upgrading Runtime, we refer to the upgrade documentation ( https://docs.datprof.com/runtime/latest/runtime-installation/upgrade-instructions).