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DATPROF Runtime is an application that's designed to automate manual processes involved in the generation and masking of test data. Not only does Runtime improve speed of usage for software such as DATPROF Subset and Privacy this way, it offers a centralized control center that limits human error and gives administrators the tools to monitor and control the flow of data across a multitude of users.

You will learn how to:

  • Set-up DATPROF Runtime
  • Configure DATPROF Runtime
  • Create scenarios with a Subset or Privacy template
  • Execute templates
  • Monitor runs
  • Add users and assign roles 
  • Work with Runtime's error handling 
  • Create and manage triggers

In order to see the results of the data masking or subsetting we'll be doing in this process, we use Oracle SQL Developer to query the database and see our changes. Because DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Subset don't handle source data, and instead rely on metadata to better guarantee data security and compliance, they cannot be used to check the contents of the affected databases.   

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