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DATPROF Workflow

Workflow is a powerful module-based automation tool built into Runtime that allows developers to combine Runtime’s ability to execute proprietary software with powerful scripting languages like Powershell, and to integrate SQL commands, alongside other modules. This way, users can create complex automation for their test data pipeline whilst having the ease of use of a module based interface.

This segment of the Runtime Training uses pre-made DATPROF Subset & Privacy templates to illustrate the functionality of Workflow. If you are following this training outside of the remote desktop that DATPROF provides, you will have to make these yourself to fit your chosen dataset.

Luckily, this shouldn’t be too difficult if you follow the available documentation & the templates as made with the Privacy Training and Subset Training can be used for this training.

If you are using the remote desktop connection as provided by DATPROF, the needed packages are preinstalled in Runtime.

Why use Workflow?

In the test data generation/subsetting/masking pipeline there are usually many processes that happen before or after data is modified. Think of an e-mail being sent out to testers notifying them that their environment is ready to be used, or the renaming and storage of audit files for later reference by a security officer. Workflow is intended to give you the tools to perform a multitude of tasks to further automate the workflow of administrators and testers alike.

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