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Adding environments to a group

Now that we've made our first group, we'll add an environment to it. Environments are database connections that are used to facilitate DATPROF Runtime's processes. 

  • Click on 'add an environment' after selecting the desired group.

In order to make a valid environment, the connection details provided should match those used to make your pre-generated Privacy or Subset template.  The available connections are written down in a text file on your desktop named 'Database Connections Readme.txt'

  • In order to connect to our training database, enter the following credentials:
    • Name: 'Test1'
    • Host: 'localhost'
    • Port: '1521'
    • Username: 'TEST_1'
    • Password: 'admin'
    • Service: 'XEPDB1'
  • Click on 'Test' to verify your connection
  • Click on 'Add environment'

You can repeat these steps to add more environments as needed.

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