Let's see if your installation is succesfull and if we are able to run the template you build.

  • Go back to you Dashboard
  • Click on 'Start' from the environment you uploaded in de previous step and look at te available options
  • When you uploaded a Privacy application, you have only one option. When you uploaded a Subset template, there are four options. In the most cases, you should choose (Re-)Fill
  • Open the Test1 enviroment by clicking on his name
  • Choose the right scenario, this wil start the run

While the run is running you can watch the modules that are being executed in real time. Let's wait a moment, till the run is finishd.

If the run finisd succesfully, you get some statistics and on the right of your screen you find some downloadeble files:

  • Download and open the 'AuditReport' what do yo see?