The last step before we can start a run with Runtime is to upload a application. This application can be generated in DATPROF Privacy for privacy templates of in DATPROF Subset for subset templates. Follow the follow steps to create a application:

  • Open Privacy or Subset
  • Go to 'Project'
  • Click on 'Generate for Runtime...'
  • Click 'Generate' in the pop-up
  • The application wil be build, a folder with the application is openend when the proces is ready

Now, let's go back to Runtime and imports this application:

  • Click in the enviroment that you want to use on 'Install an application'
  • Use the 'Browse' button in the pop-up to locate the application
  • When you find it, select it and press 'Open'
  • Click on 'Upload and Install'

The application is installed and now ready to use. On the right side of your screen are the availible scenario's visible