The next step to take is to add an enviroment. Follow the step-by-step plan:

  • Click on: 'add an enviroment'

We need to use the same connection as used to build your Privacy or Subset template. The available connections are written down in a text file on your desktop, named: 'Database Connections Readme.txt'

  • Select the write connection, as example you can use:
    • Fill in by name: 'Test1'
    • Fill in by host: 'localhost'
    • Fill in by port '1521'
    • Fill in by username 'TEST_1'
    • Fill in by password 'admin'
    • Fill in by Service 'XEPDB1'
  • Click on 'Test' to verify your connection
  • Click on 'Add enviroment'

You can repeat these steps to add more enviroments.