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This release contains new features and bugfixes

  • Added feature to count the amount of rows of the imported tables

  • Added feature to hide tables with 0 rows

  • Added Full name generator

  • Added First name generator (Male & Female)

  • Added Dictionary word generator 

  • Weighted Combined Generator added as Generator Expression

  • Extended source code obfuscation to Privacy.exe

  • Fixed issue on SQL Server when schema is different than 'dbo' or database is changed 1

  • Fixed issue with creating a new project when other project is open

  • Fixed issue with missing Value Lookup check

  • Fixed issue with generationg random decimal numbers

  • Fixed template issues for MySQL 5.5 replacing row_number function

  • Fixed issue with two addresses in custom connection string (Oracle)

  • Fixed issue with Value Lookup when 'input/join' columns contain special characters (SQL Server)

  • Fixed issue with incorrect Value Lookup warning in Audit report

  • Fixed issue with Generate data action when database or schema 

  • Fixed issue while importing meta data from PostgreSQL 9.6

Important: When generating Runtime applications with DATPROF Privacy 4.10, Runtime 4.2 or higher is recommended

1 When template is deployed on Runtime, it requires version 4.2.3.