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Masking privacy sensitive data can be real challenging! In this training you will learn how to efficiency use DATPROF Privacy to mask data within a database. For this training we will use a training database called Gasware. This database is not very complex, but brings enough challenges to learn you all about data masking with DATPROF Privacy. 

You will learn 

  • How to use different masking techniques on different types of columns
  • How to conditionally mask certain data and exclude other
  • How to create masking functions that are depended off each other
  • How to use and create translation tables
  • How to deploy your masking template 
  • How to create and integrate additonal scripts
  • How to view the generated Audit reports

To see the results of your data masking, we use Oracle SQL Developer to browse data. DATPROF Privacy itself has no data browsing features avaialable for security purposes.  

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