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In my database I find DPV_?? Tables. Can I remove these?


I have a database where I run my anonimization project in.

When I look in that database I find several tables named DPV_<SHORTNUMBER>_<LONGNUMBER> i.e.: DPV_1_131752626656834354

Can I remove these tables?


During the anonimization process Privacy creates and fills temporary tables. These contain the raw data at various levels, and are used to create and pre-select the eventual anonymous data. Normally, these tables are removed during the clean-up stage of a run near its end, but if Privacy doesn't reach this point because a run was aborted they can stay behind. This is nothing to worry about. You can use these tables to check where in the process Privacy has encountered an error, or to restore the data to the test database. If a new run is started, these tables will be cleaned up. 

So the answer is:

NO: you cannot remove these tables during an anonimization run, they are required for the anonimization process.

NO: you cannot remove these tables if an error occurred and you want to analyze the error using the data in the tables.

YES: If Privacy has encountered an error which has resulted in you having to abort a run, you can delete these tables safely. 

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