I have a database where I run my anonimization project in.

When I look in that database I find several tables named DPV_<SHORTNUMBER>_<LONGNUMBER> i.e.: DPV_1_131752626656834354

Can I remove these tables?


During Anonimization DATPROF Privacy creates temporary tables.

these tables contain a backup of the original table and/or the results of the functions and are needed by Privacy.

During a normal run they are removed after anonimyzing the database.

When a error occurs or you have manually aborted the Privacy run these tables might remain in your database.

You can eventually use these tables to analyze the error or restore a table.

So the answer is:

NO: you cannot remove these tables during an anonimization run, they are required for the anonimization process.

NO: you cannot remove these tables if an error occurred and you want to analyze the error using the data in the tables.

YES: you can remove these tables if you have and error or have the anonimizationmanually aborted and you do not want to analyze the database.