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How to set/override your Default Collection for DB2 iSeries

In both DATPROF Privacy and Subset you can connect to a DB2 iSeries database.

The connection editor request for the credentials: Host, Database, Username and Password.

Since a User may have acces to several libraries/collections you login with the the collection selected as "default" in the server.

If the Privacy or Subset library differs from this collection you are to work with you are required to fully qualify the objects in your scripts/filters.


It would be nice to overide the collection during login.

Thais is possible since DATPROF Uses the IBM Client Access OLE DB driver. 

This driver allows you to specify many options in the connection string.

This article shows youthe way to do that using DATPROF Privacy or Subset.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the connection editor
  2. Enter the username and append this with ;Default Collection=<COLLECTION NAME> 
    Example: Username: CRMA;Default Collection=CRMB

There are many more options you can apply.

Seperate them using a semicolon ;.


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