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How to modify Runtime agent vm parameters

Datprof Runtime is a Web application using Tomcat.

To execute the projects java agents are started.

By default the java vm used for the agents does not allow for parameters. Runtime simply starts them for you, that's it.


You can change the settings when starting agents manually.

To start agents manually and allow for changing Agent Java parameters follow this instruction:

  • You should have created the agents first.
  • Take notice of the AGENT_ID
  • Stop the agents  and Runtime
  • Stop Runtime
  • Adjust setenv.bat/ and add the parameter  "–DagentAutoStart=no" .
  • Now start the agent(s) manually this way:
    javaw -jar <OWN PARAMETERS> <RuntimeInstallationFolder>\runtime\..\agent\runtime-agent.jar <AGENT_ID> <RuntimeInstallationFolder>\Data\agents\<AGENT_ID> tcp://localhost:61616
    This command can be extended by appying your own specific parameters.

Example to increase initial (Xms) and max (Xmx) Heapsize .

javaw -jar -Xms4096M -Xmx6144M C:\DATPROF\runtime3\runtime\..\agent\runtime-agent.jar 1 C:\Apps\DATPROF\runtime3\Data\agents\1 tcp://localhost:61616

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