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How to install the driver for DB2 LUW

Using Privacy or Subset for DB2 LUW requires the installation of a driver.

DATPROF is not allowed to provide these drivers along with the Privacy/Subset software

What we need is the  32 bits IBM DB2 data server driver package

Step-by-step guide

UPDATE 29/06/2023 

I think the link in this article has been redirected to the wrong page. Below is the link I used last week to get the drivers.

After installation the main file is: this DLL: IBM.Data.DB2.dll

You can find it at  <DB2_Data_Server Installationfolder>SQLLIB\BIN\netf40

If it is not working yet, make sure that the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\IBM DATA SERVER DRIVER\bin" is added to you PATH variable. 

In fact you can copy the netf40 folder to the Privacy/Subset_Installation folder   (...privacy\netf40) and uninstall the IBM product itself. 🙂

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