How to install Microsoft Powershell Sqlserver module

To retrieve DDL information from Microsoft Sql Server, DATPROF Runtime uses a specific Powershell module.

This is used in DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Subset, also when they are deployd using DATPROF Runtime.

Back in in time Microsoft used the module SQLPS. Nowadays Microsoft has replaced this module by the "Sqlserver" module.
In most cases this module is not installed on your system and you should install it on your system.

To do this Microsoft Powershell version 5 is required.

Step-by-step guide

To check and install the correct Powershell version follow this instruction:

  1. Open a Powershell window on your system "as administrator"
  2. Check the Powershell version: $psversiontable.Psversion
  3. If the major version below 5 upgrade your Powershell by downloading/installing "Windows Management Framework" version 5.x. 
    To install the required Sqlserver module execute this:
  4. Open a Powershell window on your system "as administrator"
  5. Install the module by using this command: Install-Module -Name SqlServer