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How to install and remove DATPROF Runtime as a service

This instruction is meant for Runtime installations up to DATPROF Runtime version 3.16

As of version 3.17 a simplified instruction and configuration is available in the distribution and the manuals.

By default Runtime is started using scripts or from the commandline. That is the official and supported way to do.

To help customers who want to use Runtime as a service we have written this tutorial.

It is not extensive and you should take care of implications by using this method. Think of environment variables like the  PATH settings.

  1. Download the matching version of Tomcat 8 (Currently 8.5) Windows x64 zip file from
  2. Extract the zipfile in a temporary folder.
  3. Copy the files tomcat8.exe, tomcat8w.exe and service.bat from the tomcat bin folder to the local bin folder of DATPROF Runtime.
  4. Copy the file sqljdbc_auth.dll from the runtime\WEB-INF\lib\  folder to the local bin folder of DATPROF Runtime.
  5. Make sure the environment variable JRE_HOME is set to a valid java JRE folder.
  6. Open a Command box and go to the local bin folder of DATPROF Runtime
  7. Execute the following command: service.bat install Runtime
    A dialog opens, accept the installation of runtime.
  8. Runtime is then installed to the services 
    (info) The services is named 'Apache Tomcat 8.5 runtime
    By default the Start Type of Runtime is set to Manual.
  9. Make sure no other version of DATPROF Runtime is running.
    Start DATPROF Runtime using Microsoft Windows services or, as administrator,  issue the command 'net start Runtime'

When having problems check the logs in the <RuntimeInstallationFolder>\logs folder and/or <RuntimeHomeFolder>\Agents\<Number>\logs\agent.log.

To Remove DATPROF Runtime as a windows service

  1. In Runtime stop de agents
  2. Using the commandline Stop runtime as administrator 'net stop Runtime'
  3. Go to the local bin folder of DATPROF Runtime
  4. Execute the following command: service.bat remove Runtime

A word on tomcat.exe and tomcatw.exe

Tomcat8 is a service application for running Tomcat 8 as a Windows service. It is a renamed version of prunsrv.exe.

Tomcat8w is a GUI application for monitoring and configuring Tomcat services.. It is a renamed version of prunmgr.exe.

prunsrv.exe and prunmgr.exe are part of the commons-daemon project "Procrun"

More details of Procrun and Tomcat as a service can be found here:


Tomcat as a service:

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