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How should I handle connection issues during template deployment?

Whether you’re working with Privacy, Subset or Analyze, all DATPROF software relies on a connection with a source (and sometimes target) database to pull meta-data, and to push instructions to the database during a run. This meta-data is descriptive information about the structure of tables and their contents, as well as information as to how these tables are interconnected through foreign or primary keys.

Sometimes, a connection to the database either fails to establish, or is unstable, causing issues. When this happens, generally a module in the deployment of a template will throw an error.


Connectivity issues are generally sporadic, and can be solved with an automatic retry, which will retry a failed step once after a specified amount of minutes. To configure this, go to Deployment → deployment options and logging → settings → automatically retry errors.

If a connection issue cannot be resolved with an automatic retry, follow these steps

  • Do not skip any modules, as this will often cause a run to fail.

  • In Subset/Privacy/Analyze, go to the Project Settings menu

  • Open the connection editor

  • Check the supplied credentials and connection parameters (if you are uncertain which fields are required, refer to the program’s manual).

  • Check whether there have been any changes in the local network configuration such as a change to the firewall, or a change in the database configuration

Generally, if all of the above points are configured correctly, a run should execute without connectivity issues. However, if you need to cancel a run in order to troubleshoot connection issues, abort the run and retry once you’ve resolved the underlying network issue.

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