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How does Uniqe Append deal with existing data


In DATPROF Subset you can specify the deployment Startegy Unique Append.

What will be the result at the end? Which data will remain?


What will happen is this:

We have a TARGET table with 120 records

We have updated 10 records in the TARGET Table

Of these 120 records are 10 new records, added during testing.

We have a SOURCE table with 110 records, 10 new unique records.

Then we apply the Subset Unique append strategy.

This will happen:

  • All 110 records from the SOURCE table are applied
  • Then the unique records from TARGET are added (To say: the 10 records added during testing)

(info) So the updates made during testing are gone!

110 New


80 Unmodified
10 Modified
10 Added


110 New
10 Added


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