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How can I use ## in my scripts for Runtime


I have a script in my project (Privacy. Subset, Integrate) that contains two hashes (##)

I noticed that the velocity engine, used to parse scripts,  treats this as a comment and ignores the remaining part of the line.

But I need this code. How can I use it?


There is a way to do this

Any script is parsed using the velocity engine. To NOT parse content you have the ability to mark content als "Ignore for Parsing"

You can do that by using enclose the code in #[[ and ]]#.

Example 1

Create a MS SQL Server global table:

CREATE TABLE ##GlobalTemp   
  ( UserID int, Name varchar(100), Address varchar(100) ) 

Example 2

Use hashes in my sql condition

select sp.*
from   s_person sp
where  concat(sp.nam , '#'
             ,sp.num , '#'
             ,sp.nom , '#'
             ) <>      '###'

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