Data Generators for Synthethic Test Data

Sometimes Data Masking is not enough. Data has to be generated in case there isn't any data or data has to be completely replaced by synthetic data. You can extend the DATPROF Privacy built-in functions with a libary of other masking/synthethic data generators.

Use these following functions to extend Privacy and/or Subset with even more functions

dpf_getUpperStringReturns a random set of upper case characters



dpf_getAlphaNumericStringReturns a random set of alphanumeric Characters (upper and lowercase)



dpf_getAlphaNumericUpperStringReturns a random set of alphanumeric uppercase characters SQ3E3B3NRBIP:GOGAKSCamountOfCharacters
dpf_getLowerStringReturns a random set of lowercase charactersxpoovuspmehvcptdtzcz
dpf_getPrintableStringReturns a random set of printable characters onlyX*COf9hFt5nSs).Jy6a_amountOfCharacters
dpf_blurnumberManipulate an existing number with a random percentage between to numbersdpf_blurNumber(145342523, -30, 10)currentNumber, fromPercentage, ToPercentage.
dpf_getBSNReturns a valid 11 proof BSN number

dpf_getGBAReturns a valid GBA number

dpf_getIbanReturn a valid International Bank Account Number (IBAN)dpf_getIban('INGB', 'NL')bankCode, countryCode
dpf_getPostbankReturns a valid Postbank account number

dpf_getRandomBirthdayReturns a random day in the same month of the input date without age changing.


dpf_getRandomDateRangeReturns a random day between two datesdpf_getRandomDateRange(fromDate, toDate)fromDate, toDate
dpf_getRandomNumberReturns a random numberdpf_getRandomNumber
dpf_getRandomNumberRangeReturns a random number between 1 and 100000 or specify your own range



fromNumber (default 1) , toNumber (default 100000)

These functions come with data generation package for Runtime. After installing this package, you can use them directly from DATPROF Privacy or DATPROF Subset.