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Accidently I set my Runtime PARALLEL to 0 and now I cannot restart the runtime.


In DATPROF Runtime I set the Parameter PARALLEL to 0. Now the agent crashes.

The reason is that the PARALLEL setting is used in a calculation.  When this is set to 0 you get a divide by 0 error. 

Okay, but why cannot I restart the agent?

It keeps crashing even when updating the paramater manually in the database.,...

The Problem is that after a crash the settings are not read from the database but from a file.


The PARALLEL setting is retrieved from the database and written to a json file.

When the agent is restarted it tries to continue what he was doing. It uses the json file to retrieve the current settings.

Since this file still holds the PARALLEL setting 0 it keeps crashing.

So the solution is:

  • Go to: <DATAFOLDER>/agents/<agentIdFolder>/run/package/parameters.json
  • Edit this file and adjust the PARALLEL Setting
  • Restart the agent
  • Update the Parameter PARALLEL in the correct environment.

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