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DATPROF Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains a large amount of miscellaneous articles that describe common issues or error codes relating to the usage of DATPROF software, and is actively contributed to as new issues are resolved. Our aim is to make the knowledge base a wide pool of information that can be used to crystallize our support knowledge, so that the solution to common issues becomes more easily accessible to end users.

The easiest way to find an article that can help you resolve issues is to search for keywords using the search bar at the top of this page, making sure to use error codes or in-software terminology.

Imagine you're having trouble with temporary table space being filled up while executing a Privacy run on an Oracle database. 

A good way to find an article that addresses your specific issue is to supply the error code. 

"ORA-01652", the error code returned for this specific problem by the Oracle database, is much more likely to return a result than "My Privacy run has a TEMP table error", as the former is much more specific. 

When searching for issues regarding specific functions (such as for example a Value Lookup), include those terms in your search query.

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