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About DATPROF Analyze

Sometimes, when working with large databases it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of what critical information lives within your tables. Often, privacy sensitive information is stored (accidentally or intentionally) in large text fields or in sections of the database where that information does not belong according to the database architecture design, having seeped in slowly over time.

In order to find this information, explore your database, and get an idea of what data is stored in it, DATPROF Analyze gives you the ability to construct profiles which comb through your data to find specific patterns, and to collect and consult general data quality information.

Who is the intended user for Analyze?

Most often, the intended users for Analyze are professionals who have a basic understanding of SQL databases and need to gain extra insights into their data. When combing through data, the user requires a keen knowledge of the established requirements set to (test) data within their own organisation.

An example of a use case would be for a Data Officer to consult a test data database to search for privacy sensitive data. Within the organisation it has been established that Dutch citizenship ID’s must be scrubbed, and through masking of the database this has been done in the designated fields for such information. However, upon building an Analyze profile that matches with valid citizenship ID’s, the data officer discovers that this data is also stored in a number of large text columns, presumably added through incorrect entry work.

This knowledge allows the data officer to adjust any masking efforts, and ensure that (in general terms) no structural misplacement of sensitive data happens.

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